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Groundation – Each One Teach One (Full Album)

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Tracklist: 1. Weak Heart 2. We Na Forget Rome 3. Wanna Know 4. Throwing Stones 5. One More Day (Live It Up) 6. Head Strong 7. If I 8. Waterfall 9. Nyabinghi Order 10. Jah Spirit 11. Each One Teach One

Groundation feat Cedric ‘Congos’ Mytton & Don Carlos – Undivided

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Groundation feat Cedric 'Congos' Mytton & Don Carlos - Undivided

Groundation Groundation – Chant & Dub

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Paroles Groundation chant Lyrics Groundation Chant they leave they drop upon new nation they freesell your soul upon creation there shall come a day when we shall all be free and see the beauty in your hear...

Patrice – Love – Instrumental

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Regg’Lyss – T’as Déjà Vu La Mer [email protected]

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Groundation – Each One Teach One – Full Album

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Track Listing: 1. "Weak Heart" 2. "We Na Forget (Rome)" 3. "Wanna Know" 4. "Throwing Stones" 5. "One More Day (Live It Up)" 6. "Head Strong" 7. "If I" 8. "Waterfall" 9. "Nyabinghi Order" 10. "Jah Spiri...

GROUNDATION & Meta – Could You Be Loved – Live @ Six-Fours France

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GROUNDATION – Live @ Six-Fours France 30/05/13

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GROUNDATION – Babylon Rule Dem – Live @ Six-Fours France 30/05/13

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Groundation – Vibes Alive

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Groundation – Young Tree

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Paroles Lyrics Young Tree Groundation Dem trying to cut down dem young tree Don't want to see a future for me But dem see I know Jah prophesy fulfilling before we One day a higher society Will ease the suffe...

Groundation – Young Tree – Full Album

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1. "Long, Long Ago" 2. "Glory to the Kings" 3. "Confusing Situation" 4. "Congress Man" 5. "Craven Fe' Dead" 6. "Dream" 7. "Young Tree" 8. "Vibes Alive" 9. "Groundation Chant" 10. "Grounding Dub"

Groundation – Dream

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Parole Lyrics Groundation Dream In I man dream stands a holy Nazarene A face of wisdom deep in meditation Oh I do not know what I am after But before I could leave From the wise man came laughter His eyes ...

Groundation – Craven Fe’ Dead

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Groundation – Congress Man

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Paroles Congress Man Groundation Lyrics Congress Man Groundation Congress man Let us stop exploiting our children To all the gangsta man I beg you stop harassing our women too You seal yourself behind de...

Groundation – Confusing Situation

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Paroles - Lyrics : Confusing Situation Blood a go run, Fire a go burn dem down From the heavens of Zion Man's got to find A way out of this confusing Situation facing confrontation Some say "I'm only...

Groundation – Glory to the Kings

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Paroles - Lyrics : What a day when all of dem Lion come Chanting "Glory to the King" (x 2) Glory to King David, glory to the Kings Glory to King Solomon, glory to the Kings What a day when we trot on a ho...